Military Products

Military applications demand the highest grade of products and components. Durability and functionality is uncompromised as we set the absolute highest standards for our suppliers. This mindset is consistent in all the work we do and have enabled us to be a trusted partner to the military sector for over two decades. Together with both EATON and Teledyne PAE can handle your challenge when it comes to power distribution, power quality and power safety. PAE also have extensive knowledge and experience in the administrative work that comes with military products around the world and we assist our customers with export documents, certificates, etc.

Products & Systems
Due to the nature of the business, products and solutions are many times customer specific and confidential. PAE has long experience of handling this kind of projects and are well suited to engage in both product supply and system development. 

The main expertise in the military field is:
• High frequency cable assemblies and systems
• Detonators
• Surge protection for mobile vehicles
• Radar components (ground/sea/air)
• Custom power supply (AC/DC)