System Soloutions

Network power requires high reliability, long lifespan and not seldom a large degree of customization. PAE power solutions tailor some of the most highly regarded power systems and subsystems on the market. The PAE philosophy is built on identify and spec the functionality and performance that our customers need, nothing more and nothing less. We support our customers from initial design stage, through testing and certification, to production and supply. With long experience in telecom power systems as well as military grade power applications we can tailor the end product 100% for your specific needs.

PAE Tailored
DC Power distribution

• Telecom site power
• Network power
• Medium voltage DC power
• Generic systems for multi user environment
• Robust with long lifespan (20+ years)

PAE Tailored
AC/DC Power conversion and supply

• 19” cabinet mounted
• Modular rectifier systems
• Compact 1U high output systems
• Plug and play installation
• With or without controller functions

PAE Tailored
Power solutions

PAE offer design, testing, certification and manufacturing of power solutions for you specific need. We also engage in re-design projects or production services for already mature systems.